[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron W1(Black) with Cecilia
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[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron W1(Black) with Cecilia

by CCatherine on Sep 09, 2022

Have you obtained a brand new Owltron product? Or just considering updating your home security plan in the future and still not making a decision?

So, here we are! It's time for what everyone sees to be what they get. We are going to release a series of unboxing videos. These members who show up in the videos are chosen from our trial-free event. They were very gracious in accepting our invitation to try it out and recording an unboxing video with great pleasure.

Today's video features cecilia and her dog Atlas, let's see what they get on with the Owltron Cam W1!

"Hi guys, thank you so much for watch this video. I am Cecilia from UK. I have placed the W1 camera in my office for days and it is well functioning. I have a dog Atlas that is so adorable. Every time when I was suppose to go out I would miss my cutie and wanna to check is there anything went wrong. I think this camera got here just in time. In this video, you can see I displayed 2-way audio that would definitely help me to make greet to my dog. Bet you would like it, too."
"We have the charger as well some nuts and bolts if you want to mount it, we have a lever, a charger and a ruler.

I like the Owltron Cam W1 because of it is a two-way audio, motion detection, it support tf card storage cloud storage panoramic patrol night vision encrypted and multi-platform viewing. We can also switch to night mode, this is pretty cool."