Owltron's W1 and T1 Home Security Cameras Now Available in Canada
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Owltron's W1 and T1 Home Security Cameras Now Available in Canada

by Wade Morrison on Dec 28, 2022

Owltron, a leading provider of home security solutions, is excited to announce that its W1 and T1 home security cameras are now available for purchase in the Canadian market.


  • Owltron Cam W1

The Owltron Cam W1 is a high-quality home security camera that offers a range of advanced features to help users keep an eye on their homes and loved ones.


Owltron Cam W1 white

1080P Camera

One of the key features of the W1 camera is its 1080p video capture capability, which allows users to see clear, detailed footage of their home in real-time. This can be especially useful for identifying potential threats or tracking the movements of intruders.


Clear Night Vision

The W1 camera also has night vision capabilities, which allow it to continue functioning even in low light conditions. This can be crucial for providing protection during the night when burglaries are more likely to occur.


2-Way Audio

The 2-way audio feature allows users to communicate with anyone in the camera's field of view, making it a great option for families with small children or pets.


Motion Detection

Turning the human being's filtering function on can reduce false alarms caused by light changes or flying insects. You can also customize the area where inspections are performed to suit your home to reduce false positives and only receive important alerts.


  • Owltron Cam T1

Like the W1, the T1 camera offers high-quality 1080p video capture, night vision capabilities, and 2-way audio, making it a great option for home security, pet monitoring, and baby monitoring. It also has motion detection capabilities, which can trigger alerts and notifications when movement is detected within its field of view.



Without the PTZ rotation feature, the T1 may not be as flexible as the W1 in terms of being able to remotely control the camera's movement. However, it may still be a suitable option for users who do not require this feature or who prefer a more streamlined, straightforward camera.


  • Conclusion

In conclusion, the W1 and T1 home security cameras from Owltron are now available for purchase on Amazon and Owltron store. Both cameras offer a range of advanced features, including 1080p video capture, night vision, and motion detection, making them excellent options for anyone looking to add an extra layer of protection to their home. The W1 also offers PTZ rotation, which allows users to remotely control the camera's movement, while the T1 has a more streamlined design. Interested customers can compare the features of each model to determine which one is the best fit for their needs and purchase directly from Owltron or through Amazon.