[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron W1(Black) with  Fringe
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[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron W1(Black) with Fringe

by CCatherine on Oct 28, 2022

What feature highlight of the Owltron camera appeals to you the most? Is it a two-way conversation function? Is it a 355-degree full rotation function? Or the motion detection function? Let's see Fringe's opinion.

“Hi everybody. Today I want to show you this camera that I just got from Owltron.

This is the box that comes in and this is the camera itself.

And it also comes with the cable for a USB charger and the charger to plug it into the wall, and it comes with the hardware and the mount in case you want to mount it to a wall or something like that, this mount will go into the wall and this will go to the base of the camera.

Now I'm gonna plug it in so that I can show you the features, it is a Bluetooth wireless camera and you can just watch it and use it and communicate through your cellphone.

All right, so I have it connected and I have downloaded the app, connecting the camera was very easy, the instructions come with a barcode, and you can just scan it and it will take you directly to the app that you can just download. Once you download it, you connect to your Wi-Fi and there is a barcode that will come on your screen and then you can have the camera scan it and that's it.

This camera has infrared capabilities but also has to sound that it goes both ways, I can hear through the camera, if I'm somewhere else and something's happening in the house, I can hear what's happening but I also can talk through the camera, so if I'm in the office or somewhere else, I can always just talk to whoever is in the other side and through the camera and it's really clear sound.

Also, you can control the camera through the App. I'm gonna show it on my cell phone. I don't know if you can see it right here, but I'm going to put it right there so there you can see it. I can control it from here, it can be set to automatically track motion, so if you have dogs or something in the house, it will track what's going on, if someone breaks in or something it will catch the movement and follow them no matter where they go.

I can control the camera with the circle right here, I can push it down and up. It's very convenient and it's very small and reactive, I can see and hear myself, and I'm getting feedback from my phone because of the microphone of the camera. I can hear everything that is happening in another room and I can communicate with them. The infrared it's nice, you can pretty much see everything, you can see an image of the infrared so that you can see how good of a quality it is.

So I  like it a lot, I like that 360-degree angle up and down and side to side, and I like that it tracks movement and so I don't have to be constantly moving it with my finger to see what's happening, it will just do it by itself and very nice and good quality. It's one that I enjoy and I'm going to definitely keep this and maybe buy another one and put them in sync, you know, this is my security.

I hope you guys like this camera as much as I do because they're of very good quality.”