When should I back up my videos or photos?
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When should I back up my videos or photos?

by Catherine C on Feb 08, 2023


Every day, people start asking for help online, "How can I get back the photos I deleted from my phone?" You'll be able to tell that mistakenly deleting your only copy of a data file is a very common but regrettable occurrence. So it is very obviously important to back up your data information at this electronic time.


It is more reliable to be prepared in advance than to remedy a mistake after it has been deleted. But with so many images recorded by home cameras, how can we be sure when we should back up our photos and videos? Here's a list of tips for you to follow.



  • How long will the video be stored?

  • The videos I should back up the most

  • Conclusion

    How long will the video be stored?

    If you use an SD card to store videos, new videos will be rewritten to the memory card when there is not enough video storage space. The length of the stored video is related to the capacity of your memory card and the clarity of the video.

    And for cloud storage users, you can have a month to view and save these videos.


    The videos I should back up the most

      #1 Once-in-a-lifetime video

        There are many very monumental events that happen inadvertently. And if it happens to be recorded by a camera, which can be quite an amazing thing. The birth of a puppy or a baby calling its mother for the first time in the nursery, it's not something that happens every day! If you happen to have a picture or video like this that you would like to share with us. You can share your videos through videos@owltroncam.com to get featured. Your videos will likely be chosen to share in our socials and community!

          #2 When an unexpected visitor arrives

            Does someone visit when no one is home? Even if you have not suffered any property damage, we recommend that you save those videos and photos as soon as possible and seek help from the police and your insurance company! These key images can help you recover your losses and become very crucial evidence to solve the case.

              #3 Any clues you think are worthwhile

                Have you never found a particular stocking after Christmas? That's strange. But if you regularly save videos of your family's puppies, you may be able to find some clues. Members of the Owltron team found forgotten car key through playback. The car key was eventually found on the kitchen table!


                Whether you use SD card storage or cloud storage, we recommend that you save the video or photo as soon as possible. Especially if the video or photo is particularly important to you.