4 Recommended Locations for Home Security Cameras Installation
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4 Recommended Locations for Home Security Cameras Installation

by Wade Morrison on Jul 05, 2022

Do you already have security cameras? Do you struggle with where to put your security cameras? Don't take it lightly, this determines whether your cameras will be used to its best advantage.



  • Areas You Need To Pay Attention To
  • The Places We Recommend To Install Cameras
  • The Places We Not Recommend To Install Cameras
  • Conclusion


Areas You Need To Pay Attention To

  • The Front Door & The Back Door

The front door is one of the most common entrances for burglars. About 40% of burglars will pass right through your front door when no one is around. Likewise, you also need to watch the back door.

2 food packages laying on a front door


  • Windows

Windows (especially on the first floor) are the second most common place to break in, because people often forget to lock their windows.

  • Garage

There are about 9% burglars access from the garage door.

  • Basement

Less-visited basements can also be a target for burglars.

  • Forecourt & backyard

Those may be good hiding locations for burglars, in particular in case your landscaping is overgrown.

  • Climbable Trees

Be careful with the tall trees which are around your second floor windows, they may become the ladders for burglars to climb into your second floor.

a front door of a house near the street

  • Baby’s Room & Pet’s Room

Your Baby's room and your pet's room are also areas need to focus on, installing a camera on there can let you know their situation in time.

an owltron cam T1 is working on a baby room


The Places We Recommend to Install Cameras

  • All entrances

We recommend that you install security cameras at all entrances on the first floor, including the door of your basement and garage, to ensure that you have a wide line of sight to prevent your house from being burglarized.

  • Yard

Trees in your yard are also good places to place cameras because they are hidden enough. You can choose a wireless camera, so you don't need to worry about how to power the camera.

  • Corner of Common Areas

Public areas are generally where you spend most of your time, such as living room and kitchen, and you may want to place an indoor camera there.

  • Driveway

If you have a driveway, it’s crucial that you use an outdoor camera to monitor it, because the driveway is a place in which burglaries can without difficulty get entry into your house.


The Places We Not Recommend to Install Cameras

  • Bathroom

For privacy reasons, we do not recommend placing a security camera in your bathroom.

  • Neighbor's area

Please be careful not to have your surveillance to spy on your neighbors, as this may be an illegal act.



Obviously there is a lot more to be aware of installing safety cameras, and choosing the right place can give you the most value for your safety cameras. If you still have any questions about choosing a location to install your camera, please comment below.