6 Hidden Uses of Security Cameras You Didn’t Know About!
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6 Hidden Uses of Security Cameras You Didn’t Know About!

by Wade Morrison on Jun 30, 2022

Do you know? Security Cameras are not only used to keep safety. We Collected six hidden uses of security cameras you may not know. If you are interested in this topic, please keep reading.


  • Elder Care/Baby Care

Most people buy cameras to use as nanny cameras to take care of their children or the elderly in the family. Home safety cameras generally tend to have their very own phone apps to view a camera's live footage, which is convenient for people who want to ensure the safety of their elderly and kids.

kid play around with a old man


  • Pet Monitor

Will you worry about your pets while you are away from home? Or suddenly can not find your pet and don't know where they are? Your Security camera can use as a pet monitor to help you solve the problem.

a cat on a desk

The Owltron W1 camera rotates 350 degrees, it has two-way audio and can hear the barking and meowing, and it also allows you to "chat" with your pet to calm them down in time, and of course, if you see your pet making a "mess", you can stop them in time.


  • Solve The Mysteries

Who ate your cake? Who messed up the living room? Who broke the vase?

No one can lie in front of a "surveillance detective". You can easily find the "offender" by monitoring the playback.

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  • Record Your Life Moments

A security camera can do more than just keep you safe. Did a great backflip but no one saw it? Playing with your family but forgetting to take some videos? No worries! A security camera can record all your family moments.

You may even install a camera in your bedroom to record your sleeping behavior and see if there are any problems worth searching into.

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  • Help with insurance claims

If your home, unfortunately, suffers a disaster, you can use the video from your security camera to make an insurance claim. It will provide you with evidence that will make it more likely that your claim will go through.


  • Observe Plants

For those who like to keep plants, use the camera to observe the growth cycle of the plants, from germination to flowering, step by step to watch them grow, it must be very interesting.

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  • Conclusion

This article only shows you some of the uses of security cameras.  We are sure there are more unknown features of indoor cameras, so if you know of other uses for indoor cameras, please share with us in the comments.