12 Functions You Should Look for Before Buying A Security Camera in 2022
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12 Functions You Should Look for Before Buying A Security Camera in 2022

by Wade Morrison on Jun 09, 2022

Protecting your property and keeping an eye on it is much easier these days, all you need to do is install an indoor camera and you can inspect your home anytime, anywhere. However, knowing what kind of camera you need can be a problem, and today we're going to cover some of the features of indoor cameras to help you find the best camera for your needs.
In this article, we've divided camera features into essential functions and options functions, if you are interested in this article, keep reading.


  • Essential security camera features

  • Camera Resolution

When you're buying a camera to keep an eye on your home, video quality is pretty much the be-all and end-all. Nowadays high definition or HD is pretty common and easily available, and affordable. In phrases of the resolution, 1080p is the most normally selected type.

owltron camera solution Comparison


  • Night Vision

Once night falls, it becomes difficult for the camera to take clear pictures and videos. That's why we recommend buying a camera with a night vision mode. It ensures you have a clear picture of what's happening in the dark.

a camera night vision capture


  • Two-Way Audio

Like 1080p and night vision, two-way audio has come to be a standard we expect in safety cameras. Of course, the Owltron W1 and T1 cameras both has it. It is useful for people who want to talk with their kids or pets at home and make certain their safety and security.


  • Motion Detection

Motion detection is actually a part of security cameras. It can detect things that are moving and record them. The primary advantage is that it cuts down the amount of footage being recorded, saving you tonnes of storage space.


  • Smartphone APP & Alerts

Of course, your camera should have an app that can be remotely controlled. When it senses occupancy and accordingly issues an alert to you, also, you can inspect your home anytime, anywhere through an app.


  • VideoStorage

Although many cameras support local storage and SD card storage, if you purchased a camera that supports cloud storage, this can help you record your internet data and save a lot of storage space.


  • After-sale Service & Warranty

Most cameras come with a premium after-sales service. But 24/7 customer service is so rare that sometimes you want to ask for help but have to wait a long time for a response. The after-sales service of Owltron Camera provides a 24/7-hour online customer service, which can solve your problems at any time. Contact us now>>


  • Optional security camera features

  • AI Facial Recognition

Some cameras support AI facial recognition function, which can automatically identify the human shape, face, pet detection, etc., to provide you with the most accurate message push service.

facial detection by camera


  • PrivacyConcerns

Having a camera in your home can be uncomfortable for some people, and looking for a camera with privacy features can effectively avoid this problem.


  • Smart Home

You probably already have a smart hub installed in your home, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or SmartThings Hub, to connect your smart devices to your home network. Check if your camera works with your smart hub, which may narrow your decision on which camera to buy.


  • Network

With the increasing popularity of 5G networks, many households have upgraded to 5G networks, but most cameras in the market still only support 2.4Hz networks. Before you buy a camera, please confirm this.


  • Waterproof

If you want to keep the camera outside, we recommend looking for a waterproof rating of 65.