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Why Get Home Safety Cameras?

by Wade Morrison on Jun 08, 2022

A lot of people assume that since they have never been robbed before and they are in a safe area, safety systems ought to now no longer be a priority. The unavoidable fact, however, is that crime exists. In fact, in keeping with FBI statistics, there are around a 2.5million burglaries taking place every year, 66% of which are home break-ins, however, there are only 17% of US residents have safety structures in their homes. This highlights how vital it's far to have a safety gadget at your property that protects your belongings, in addition to your family.

In this article, we will go through all the pros and cons of getting a home security camera system, if you are considering installing your own security systems, just keep reading.

a owltron camera mounted on the ceiling


  • Pros of having a home security camera system


24/7 Peace of Mind

Continuous real-time monitoring – safety cameras allow you to monitor important your property continuously, 24/7 in real-time from nearly anywhere. They can grow your house safety via way of means of letting you take a look at your own home from anywhere you are, see a live feed of your home on a phone or computer, and get on the spot alerts of any uncommon activity.


Protects Against Burglary

An excellent safety system, which includes surveillance safety cameras, maybe a remarkable deterrent to those forms of crimes. If a burglar sees a house with a camera system, it's miles very probably that they could skip on that house and search for an easier target.


Protects Kids & Pets

Home safety cameras aren’t simply useful for protecting your property; they’re also useful for preserving an eye on your kids and pets while you can’t be there. A lot of working parents find themselves concerned about their kids alone at home. With a home safety camera system, it is very easy to ensure your family is secure at all times. Two-way audio on indoor cameras can act as an intercom, permitting you to look and speak to your family while you’re not home.

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Identify The Burglars

Home safety camera systems additionally work as an excellent recovery device if your house unfortunately has been targeted. After a burglary, you could easily rewind the tapes and identify the burglars on the way to assist the police to track them down. The photos also can be very useful for coverage claims.


  • Cons of having a home security camera system


Privacy Issue

While safety cameras may be watchful for threats, illegal behavior, or competitive behavior, surveillance may also inevitably record everything in their vision. “Whatever it records is technically on the internet forever,” says David VanWert, a home technology consultant and founder of VanWert Technology Designs Inc. “Once it's stored in the cloud, in theory, it never goes away.” However. If you are concerned, consider only putting in cameras the outdoor of your home, and don’t put them in private areas such as bedrooms, or choose the one's camera that assists Privacy Mode.



Another con is that domestic safety cameras may be costly. While their costs have come down in recent years, outfitting your whole house with safety cameras can cost lots of dollars.



A home security system is a considerable investment, so we want you to get the best return for the least amount of money possible, and we recommend you the Owltron Cam W1 security camera, which supports 2-way audio, and motion detection, and also assists with privacy mode, which can turn on when you are home, so that you can feel more comfortable while you at home.