[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron T1(White) with Jessica
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[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron T1(White) with Jessica

by CCatherine on Sep 28, 2022

Owltron has always been committed to ensuring the safety of users ' homes. For those families with pets, pets are also part of their families, and their safety also needs to be guaranteed. So some users will use Owltron cameras to keep an eye on their dogs, cats, or even fish or other pets, and we are very happy to be trusted by Owltron users.

Today's review video is from Jessica, she has a very cute dog, and she uses the Owltron Cam T1 camera to keep an eye on her dog, , Let's see what she views about this Owltron camera.

Hey guys, I am Jessica. Today I want to come on and do a review of this new two-pack of two-way indoor smart cameras from Owltron. So I'm super excited about this, this is perfect for if you have kids and you want to have them in their playroom or if you have dogs you want to keep an eye on them, this is exactly what you're going to want to get. I love the size of them, they're going to be nice and compact, you can turn them around 360 degrees and I love that. There's going to be a spot right on the side of an SD card. If you want to keep your footage. Right on the back is the reset button that's what you're going to want to press when you first plug this in getting this connected to your Wi-Fi. Once you're connected, you're going to be able to control it right from your awesome phone. You're going to have nice easy instructions on exactly how to connect, and how to scan the QR code and that's where you're going to download the app right from your phone. So, it doesn't matter where you're going to be in your house, you can keep tracking and looking anywhere you're at. You're gonna get two sets of plugs because it does come with two cameras.

I love that you can have two in one room at different angles or you can have one in each room whatever you want to do. You're going to have some bolts to be able to mount the camera right on the wall. And you're going to have easy instructions to make sure that they're going to be centered correctly on the wall. All of those things so it's going to look great. what is exciting about these is there's going to be motion detection, two-way call, they're going to be in high definition, so the camera is going to look incredible and your footage is going to be great. You can record things like I said if you have the SD card and you want to keep them, these are going to be 1080p high definition so that's where you're going to get that incredible footage.

I love everything about these, I want to set these up and show you some footage of how easy it is and I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching.