[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron T1(Black) with Brian
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[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron T1(Black) with Brian

by CCatherine on Sep 27, 2022

Owltron Cams has a special offer for the Owltron Cam T1, a package that includes two Owltron T1 models, making it a great option for people who want to install cameras in multiple rooms. Our testers were also invited to test this camera, so let's hear what they think.

Today's video comes from Brian, who was one of the testers for the #Owltron tester project. He applied for an Owltron 2-pack camera to install in his bedroom and living room to keep an eye on his kitty, so let's take a look at his unboxing video.

“Hey everybody, today we're going to check out these smart cameras from Owltron. I got two of these in the awesome box, they can cover two entrances or two different rooms. They're wi-fi enabled cameras and they shoot in 1080P. Let's open up the box and see what we got.

All right, so inside the box, we got two power cords, one for each camera, and we got the power adapter and mounting accessories for each camera. We also got 2 stickers, this little diagram just shows you where you want to drill each hole if you want to keep them extra secure in. Otherwise, you can do a simple installation with these little sticky rings, which is probably what I'm going to do, in case I change my mind and want to move them. This is much easier, fix no holes no hard work. Of course, we have our cameras, they look beautiful,  and our instruction manual.

So setup couldn't be easier, we're gonna just set up our cord here, plug one end into the brick, and the other end into the camera. Now that we're plugged in. We can see the lights starting to blink and we're ready to set it up.

Now I like to do everything on my phone, so I'm going to pair this with the little elf smart app,  then we're just going to open up the app.

I'm gonna make a quick account with an email address, there's actually a QR code here, I'm gonna hold this in front of the camera and when you hear the prompt you're gonna click the "I hear the prompt" and done!

So the video quality on this camera is absolutely incredible. You're gonna get full 1080p HD  looks, so crisp, such a beautiful image and so high-res.

It's another really cool feature is a little microphone here, this camera actually has two-way audio so if I was to start talking into my phone you can start to hear it come out of the camera, and of course, this goes both ways you can hear anything that's going on in your apartment or home which is the click of a button.

Not only am I in love with this camera but the app is amazing. Here you can take a picture and save it automatically to your photo gallery, we also have this really cool night vision mode which we can set to automatic or toggle on our own end, and this just will enable us to see anything happening in our home even if there are no lights on. This is really really a cool feature.

Owltron's attention to detail here is just mind-blowing, these cameras are so cool and I'm in love with them, I can't wait to see what my cat does when I'm not home."