[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron W1(White) with Brandon
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[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron W1(White) with Brandon

by CCatherine on Sep 16, 2022

Today's video features Brandon, a person who is keen to review various types of technology products, we invited him to join the #Owltron test program to test the new Owltron W1 camera, in the video, he clearly shows the Owltron camera and how to use it on the APP, and a demonstration of the "motion detection" function, if you are interested in this video, keep watching it.
“Hey everybody, I’m Brandon. Today we're looking at this smart home security camera by Owltron. Let's open it up and check it out in the box. We got a user's manual, a power brick, and a power cord, we have some mounting hardware and a bracket for wall or ceiling mounting. They also include a little ruler with a QR code to help you get set up with the app.
This camera also has motion tracking that way when something comes into view,  it's actually going to follow it. Whatever it might be, whether it's a pet or a person, or anything else that's moving, it will be able to follow it around and make that recording without you having to do it manually.
We have an alarm section right here where it tracks and snaps a  picture every time, the motion detection gets tripped off so here's a good question: what happens when it gets dark out? Not only does this camera have infrared the infrared motion detecting and following still works, even in the dark as I trip over my couch and everything else you can even see, the infrared lights reflecting right there in the mirror. We pan around the living room, you can see the painting perfectly clear, see all the way over into the corner, you can still even see into my lizard tanks over here,  as well in the pitch black."