[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron T1(White)  with Adam
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[Unboxing Episode] Unboxing Owltron T1(White) with Adam

by Catherine C on Aug 13, 2022

Adam unboxing video cover

Owltron in the previous market research received very enthusiastic feedback from many people. Some of them are pet lovers, and some of them are interested in electronics. Everyone's needs for a home smart camera are different. We want Owltron's camera to adapt to the needs of as many home scenarios as possible. So we took some people from this group of users to test the new camera.
These members who show up in the videos were very gracious in accepting our invitation to try it out and recording an unboxing video with great pleasure.
Today's video features Adam, so let's take a look at his perspective of the Owltron T1.
"Hi everyone, my name is Adam and I'm from the UK. It is a great pleasure to share with you the new products of Owltron here. I am obsessed with digital products, but I have never got a single item of a home security camera. So I felt so excited when I was winning the chance to try it out.
Owltron sent me 2 packs of cam with 2 power cables, and some others you might use. I am so surprised to these 2 cameras are so small and subtle, you can view your home in real-time with a whole host of features 1080P. They have advanced infrared night vision cloud storage as well as external card storage motion detection two-way audio and everything is encrypted for multi-platform viewing amazingly the cameras are compatible with Alexa and google assistant.
They are white and easy to set up - you will recognize this is not empty rhetoric - I just followed the instruction manual and did it in 2 minutes. We have to scan the QR code on the back of the box and once the app is installed we hit add the new device*If you recognize the time on my phone is incorrect, trust me it is just because of being busy with shooting.
Well, not much to say, hope I can enjoy this video. And thank you Owltron team for inviting me."


Luckily, #OwltronTest has been released right now! Tell us about yourself, like how would you like to do in your spare time, why you are interested in indoor cameras, and anything else you like. That would be a good chance to win the product for free! [Learn more]